Business Transformation through Data
In today’s fast-paced digital world, every activity leaves a data footprint that can be captured, analyzed, and deciphered. Our mission is to transform the way individuals and the organizations work with the data through innovation and experience. Our experts have more than two decades of collective experience in helping organizations transform audit and risk management. We use data analytics and enterprise-grade technologies that solve real world problems by making data a competitive advantage.
Role of BI vs. Role of data analytics

Enabling organizations to analyze data, mitigate risks, identify opportunities, make better decisions, and automate processes to drive business excellence powered by innovation and experience.

  • Prime Purpose: Convert & Cleanse Raw Data
  • Perspective: Looking Forward
  • Types of Questions: What will happen?
  • Data: Real-time, Mostly unstructured
  • Typical Users: Data Scientists, Data Engineers
  • Scope: Specigic issue or Question
  • Methods: Data Mining and Text Mining Simulations, Quantitative Analysis
  • Prime Purpose: Support Decision making
  • Perspective: Looking Backward
  • Types of Questions: What happened?
  • Data: Warehoused, Structured
  • Typical Users: CEOs. CFOs, CIOs
  • Scope: Unlimiteds
  • Methods: Monitoring, Dashboards, KPI Reports
Advanced Analytics
Develop advanced analytics solutions by applying sophisticated data analytics tools and techniques to extract and automate actionable and valuable insights. Our developers and data scientists hold an extensive amount of experience in developing advanced analytics applications for Fortune 500 companies and government enterprises. Our key skill sets are Python, Perl, R, SAS and SPSS etc..
Our advanced analytics co-sourcing is a flexible and collaborative arrangement to help clients achieve advanced analytics capabilities with minimal IT investment. Obtain access to experts with specialized skills in Advanced Analytics and application development.
The exponential growth of data demands a team of specialized analytics professionals for every organization to compete and thrive. Building an in-house advanced analytics team, however, is difficult due to the high cost of experienced and qualified Advanced Analytics resources in the market. To address the in-house analytics skill gap, we offer outsourcing support of our qualified resources on a cost-effective and timely way.

Predictive Analytics

Take advantage of advanced predictive analytics products and high-performance analytics models to convert data into predictive insights, alleviate threats, uncover hidden patterns, anticipate emerging trends, and make smart decisions with confidence.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence solutions and tools can replace human-centered processes and analytics models with machine intelligence and software tools. Our data scientists are qualified and experienced in developing AI applications using the modern tools and technologies.

Machine Learning

Analyze complex business data, identify patterns, and uncover hidden insights using statistical and machine learning algorithms. We develop and apply cognitive technologies to identify opportunities, uncover risks, and help automate the decision making process.


We help our clients to develop and implement Robotic Process Automation solutions to perform recurring tasks, enabling employees to focus on tasks that add value and improve performance. Our developers are experienced in latest RPA technologies.
Audit Analytics

Use modern technology and integrate analytics into audits. Audit analytics adds value to audit processes, uncovers risks and opportunities and delivers improved quality and coverage.


Forget spreadsheets and outdated tools! Embed data analytics into auditing and add more value. Use collaborative technologies to enhance, automate, and improve audit process. Avoid time-consuming processes and zero in on what matters most!

Self-Service Analytics

Take analytics into your own hands. Here is a simple, intuitive, and collaborative method to visually interact with data and key risk metrics. Access, explore and analyze data in just a few clicks. Create insightful charts and monitoring dashboards.


We are experienced professionals with top-notch data analytics and advanced visualization tools expertise. We have helped many large enterprises transform their Internal Audit function by implementing modern Audit Analytics solutions.
Business Intelligence

Identify and share insights, make data-driven decisions, reduce costs, and improve performance

Self-Service BI

Business Insights for everyone – from business support function to business leaders. Create and access business intelligence and analytics reports without the IT expertise.

Mobile BI

Access critical BI data, dashboards, and charts anywhere, anytime. Make informed decisions on-the-go. Keep track of important KPIs, real-time sales, revenue generation, and customer data.

Data Visualization

Explore and visualize big data. Get in-depth understanding of complex concepts and intricate patterns. Beinex offers insightful visualization solutions to extract value from complex business data.


A decade of experience in implementing Business Intelligence projects.Our methodology relies on iterative, agile methods that are faster and more effective than traditional deployment.
Competitive Intelligence

Big Data

From Big data harvesting to enterprise reporting and mobile competitive intelligence solutions, we offer a suite of end-to-end big data CI solutions. These enable smart business moves and improved operational efficiency resulting in increased profit and happier customers.

Data Visualization

We offer highly interactive competitive intelligence solutions for agile and data-driven enterprises of all sizes and categories. Our visual analytics solutions are designed to find answers to your complex business problems efficiently, quickly and accurately.

Advanced Analytics

Transform the multi-sourced market data into actionable insights to drive growth, spot inefficiencies, and build competitive advantage. We use advanced data analytics techniques to predict, discover patterns, and automate the business responses.
Risk Analysis
We bring innovation into risk analytics with the help of advanced technologies and valuable input from seasoned professionals. Our techno-functional solutions help businesses to identify, measure, manage and mitigate the risks in a novel and insightful way.
Self-Service Analytics
Enable the Risk Management professionals to explore data, create personalized reports and dynamic dashboards, and share them across your organization without IT intervention. Create your own digital enterprise risk analytics solutions.
Our risk professionals are experienced in designing and implementing innovative quantitative risk modeling and risk aggregation tools for specific businesses and markets.We provide robust, intuitive and scalable risk analytics solutions to fit your business needs.
Thought Leadership
Learn how to improve risk analytics, risk reporting, and risk management by harnessing the power of data. Our training program is a combination of theory and hands-on practices, conducted by the pioneers in analytics-based risk management.
Tableau Data Visualization

Business Acumen

Our team of professionals is quick to understand and deal with client business problems and provide a best fit solution.


A team of Tableau certified consultants, who are passionate about Tableau and delivering the world class experience.


20 years of combined experience in Tableau, led by professionals who have successfully delivered the largest Tableau projects in the MENA region.

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