Digital Transformation Framework – How its Important Today?

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What is the strategy of Digital transformation? Technology is available everywhere today, but the most important part is how you make your strategy for Digital transformation.

In the beginning, I will start from, what are actual strategies. Just focus one thing you will achieve it called strategies. When we say focus is one thing and over here our focus is digital transformation.

digital transformation services

These strategies make digital transformation not technology. There are numerous technologies are present near us, but we have to select which technology is relevant to our business, customers, Sales, operations etc. Secondly, why we use digital transformation services, basically we used these latest technologies to modify every manual process, improve business automation.


  • Strategy creates competitive advantage – Not Technology
  • People and a culture of innovation sustains it
  • Technology and communications are the mean by which it is delivered.

Peter Drucker says –“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

If you have a poor culture in your organization, all your business strategies are going to be vanished like this. If you want to achieve your Strategy make proper culture and original environment in your company.

What helps you to execute your strategies?
For better execution of your strategies try to connect every new strategy to people then with innovation and unite with technology or communication. Mostly people have questions; will Digital transformation come from technology? But the actual answer is NO! Technology is not only the tool; we need to have proper strategy, Business plan, mind set and the ability to perform in the market. Then you will go for best business strategies.

Why should be need Digital Transformation strategies?
Mostly organization do mistake while not aligning strategies with business.Second mistake they make, that alignment of digital business strategy with people and their culture. Due to this cause, there no engagement comes for business.

In Saudi Arabia, every big organization, small department employees not have communication platforms to have words with Top management people it is like Director, CEO, and Boss etc. One of the most not having proper ERP system in Saudi Arabia, is that the top management involvementis not there.They just busy or engage in making business strategy and future plans. But they don’t have time to execute in people.

What is Digital transformation strategy framework?

Benefit of Strategy:

  • Innovation for industry leadership
  • Customer experience & Engagement
  • Employee Experience for productivity
  • Sustainability
  • Engaged customers
  • Guiding leaders
  • Happier staff

Ask Important Question with us:

  • How to design DT framework?
  • Where are you now?
  • What your destination?

If you have proper business strategies for transformation and you imply experience and productivity will be enhance or double as compare to past. You failed risk factors would be reduced.

How to design Digital transformation strategies?

  • Yourself – Long term plans & Strategic ambition
  • Customers – Volume, Products
  • Market – Competitors, Proposition, forces
  • Resources – Time, Talent, cash

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