New Update! Best Features Added in Google Analytic in 2019

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Tracking with Google Analytics
For every business, customer insights are really important for the marketing effort. Google brings the new features which helps to enhance a forms conversion rate and related data on your form users.

The good news is that now we can connect Cognito Forms with our Google Analytic accounts for using our analytics and tracking features. But for this, we need a Pro level or higher-level premium subscription. But this paid tool helps a lot in your business which I think personally.

Save your User’s Information
Basically, Google analytic would play the same role likes understanding demographic information, interest, location, search behavior and more. And using these analytic dimensions you get best ideas overusing form and also you can find a difference between your new website visitors with previous. So, behavior discovery of unique visitors who worked on form, you can target in future in a better manner.

Multiple Page forms
If we talk about multiple pages form, then we found like Surveys forms, job applications forms, and other complex declarations forms estimates all often involve long multi-page forms. After connecting the Google Analytic tool with Cognito Forms, you can see here how your form is performing and track everything about users’ problems before either completing it or abandoning it. This method can help us to identify every resistance and sebaceous out any rough spots that prevent users from completing your form. If numbers of forms are filling rapidly it connect with your business revenue.

PPC Campaign optimization
PPC campaign provides instant traffic on your website by paying on every click and impression. When you connect PPC campaign in Google Analytics account, you can track your traffic with many other dimension features, you will able to make goals, proper visitors funnels and track form conversions. Using this data, you can manage your forms and every website target pages to get more conversions.

If your business has a bulky customer database, which difficult to collect, manage and implement, then it would reduce your revenue or maybe destroy your business growth. For Solution, hire Big Data Analytic agency, which controls and handle everything for you and provides better management lead data.

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