Robotics & Automation
There are a wide variety of benefits available to companies who make the choice to use robotic automation in their operations. Whether it’s a manufacturing company or a services business, developing the right robotic automation solution can lead to the kind of efficiency and accuracy that translates into being able to stay ahead of the competition in a business climate that seems to be getting tougher by the day.
Today, robotics finds usage beyond manufacturing and more towards areas like eCommerce, finance, logistics, retail, healthcare etc. Robotics automation is transforming the way logistics and supply chain processes across the world are being optimized. Robotics also has significant overlap with Artificial Intelligence.
How we Build Robotics process Automation

RPA is software-based, it can be used to perform various tasks. These include maintenance of records, queries, calculations, and transactions. Additionally, any application commonly used by your company can be operated by RPA. Citrix, .NET, HTML and Java are all technologies commonly supported by RPA. Compatible systems include Mainframe Terminals, SAP, Oracle, and many more. Programmable automation means that RPA can be configured to perform almost any rule-based task. Software is the key constituent of robotic products. Our experts ensure its smooth, error free functioning, based on thousands of complex algorithms, our solution stack is feature-rich and customized to adapt to changing business dynamics of your industry.

Web Solutions

Help your business resolve its challenges, maximize its returns on investment, exploit new revenue streams, and elevate the quality of customer experiences it delivers.

E-Commerce Development

We cater exceptional e-commerce websites for start-ups, enterprises, retailers, merchants, and brands. Our solutions are tailored to the unique requirements of the clients so that they bring effective results for online businesses. Over the years, we have built a reputation for providing the best e-commerce development services for many industry verticals such as apparels, retail, travel, real estate, healthcare, financial services, and more. Our team comprises of expert e-commerce specialists who have rich knowledge and experience with the various platforms and technologies. We are committed to delivering every project on time and within the budget of the client, making us the best destination for end-to-end e-commerce solutions.

Mobile Application Development

As the popularity of mobile devices is at the prime, mobile applications are becoming essential for every business today. These smart apps serve as powerful business tools as they add value to them, enhance their productivity, and increase their customer base. They extend the reach of the business by establishing a closer connection with the customers. With the Android and iPhone being the most widely-used devices, the demand for iOS/Android apps is the greatest. We are a leading mobile app development company that specializes in creating feature-rich mobile applications for diverse platforms and with diverse technologies.

Web Development

We are expert provider of Custom Website & Web Application Development Services. Custom software development requires a special skill set that goes far beyond deploying off-the-shelf applications. Concept, planning, and delivery are crucial parts of the process flow that turns a strong product idea into a profitable product. We approach each stage with a clear focus and defined outcome that is suited to your specific business or customer needs. By clearly outlining and identifying goals and milestones, we are able to ensure that your overall project objectives are being met. Our goal is to take you concept, and develop it into a marketable product that meets your business and financial objectives. Here at Guardianchief, we successfully design, develop and support application products that are used in Software as a Service (SaaS) business models and traditional distribution models.


In the current scenario, information technology has emerged as the core of the business. Failure to embrace it can lead to immense losses. The adoption of IT opens the businesses to the concept of cybersecurity, which remains a key for them. Cyber defence is the need of the hour to ensure the security of the information and processing systems. we understand that the conventional cyber defence strategies are not enough to stronghold organizational security in the dynamic threat landscape. Therefore, we deliver tailored solutions that protect businesses from the ever-growing cyber threats such as ransomware, cyber espionage etc. We build comprehensive and result-oriented cyber defence solutions that are based on the VUCA thinking approach, which is the brainchild of the U.S. Armed forces.
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ERP Solution
Guardian ERP is adopted worldwide by banks, governments and corporations for scalable mission critical applications. Its innovative Unified Business Model reduces complexity of configuration and increases flexibility.
We believe in creating bigger and bigger enterprise solutions for all our clients. We are experts in making enterprise package applications that can streamline all your business operations in a centralized system. For companies that depend highly on sales, purchase and financial transactions of huge volumes, we have carefully designed ERP solutions that can manage all of the company operations, invoices, vendors, suppliers and even the human resources under one roof.
Guardian ERP Features









Blockchain Solutions

We empowers technology innovation and value creation leveraging the power of Blockchain Technology. We build products and solutions for various industries notably Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Logistics.

We are one of the early adopters of the blockchain technology in KSA and we believe in executing our learning and staying ahead in the graph. As a result, we are growing continuously by implementing successful POCs, client engagements and delivering reliable solutions to our partners. Our achievements are acclaimed in the blockchain ecosystem and we are one of the prominent attendees and speakers in many technology based events and conferences.

Blockchain Development
Being an early adopter of Blockchain technology, we have gained huge expertise in building high quality, scalable distributed applications and customized protocols. We specialized in Proof of Concept (POC) development and we have successfully developed multiple POCs till date across various industries.
With our Blockchain development services, we are looking to optimize different business cases with Blockchain technology and explore the opportunity of developing a tailored made solution to suit specific requirements by dividing deep into Blockchain Technology.
Proof of concept
During Proof Of Concept Development, Our team focuses on the core concept of the Blockchain application to demonstrate the idea to the potential users of the application.
Private Blockchain Development
Develop and implement a private, approved Blockchain to address client’s specific business requirements by utilizing cryptography to store data immutably on a distributed ledger.
Smart Contract Development
We develop secure and competent Smart Contract code to automate the execution of processes in Ethereum and HyperLedger Fabric.
Cryptocurrency Development
We have developed custom cryptocurrency that can be utilized for cryptocurrency based projects for our clients.
Wallets Development
We have developed decentralized and secure desktop and mobile wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins.
HyperLedger and Multichain Development
We develop decentralized applications using permissioned Blockchains like HyperLedger Fabric and Multichain for Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, etc.
Blockchain Consulting

Our Blockchain consulting services help companies identify specific business challenges where Blockchain Technology can be leveraged to solve these challenges. We also help access the utility and returns on Blockchain investment.

Stage 1

Determining Blockchain Adeptness And Understanding The Present Processes
Before even thinking about implementing Blockchain solution, it is essential that top management and the senior managers should acquire the correct know how about this technology. Next, it is important to understand the internal processes of the organization on which the whole system is based.

Stage 2

Arriving At Mutual Understanding
This stage involves a lot of brainstorming meetings with the top management to determine the understanding of the Blockchain technology they have and discuss the potential loopholes/improvement areas in the present processes which can be addressed through Blockchain solution. Through a mutual understanding, it can be decided whether implementing Blockchain would help the organization or not, and if it will, then to what extent.

Stage 3

Initiating Solution Designing
Next stage is to develop a comprehensive and defined framework of the proposed solution. The framework would define how the physical information would be converted into digital information and stored on Blockchain, how different stakeholders would be able to interact with the Blockchain & what would be authorities assigned to them, and the platform/devices required for successful implementation.

Stage 4

Demonstration of POC (Proof of Concept) & Full-Scale Production
The demonstration of POC should prove how the solutions would satisfy the key objectives it was designed for. After successful demonstration of the concept, full-scale production of the solution is initiated. The solutions developed would cover all the processes and would be expected to perform as mutually agreed in Stage 3.
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